I love journalism and wanted to share my favourite media OUTLETS and stories.

here they are:

Must-read articles

·      The Assad files (Ben Taub, The New Yorker)

·      The Last Diplomat (Adam Entous and Devlin Barrett, The WSJ)

·      My four months as a private prison guard (Shane Bauer,Mother Jones)

·      Aspiring novelist who became Obama’s guru (David Samuels, The NYT)

·      Who is Amanda Knox ? (Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian)

·      If no one helps you in India after a car crash, this is why (Preeti Jah, BBC)


Favourite magazines

I'm still a believer in old-fashion magazines. Ever since I was a kid, there was always an issue of Courrier International on the coffee table, which means I'd get back from school, and spend hours poring through this French weekly magazine that curates the best articles from media around the world and translates them into French.

Later on, I added Foreign Policy to my list of favourite international news magazines.  I also buy every single issue of two French magazines on photojournalism and photography: 6mois and Polka. I'm also a fairly regular reader of Nouveau Projet, a magazine from Québec (in French again). National Geographic is unsurprisingly a staple in my magazine diet.  I really loved the ephemeral magazineTomorrow . I also sometimes check out Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Time, The Atlantic, and The Economist.

Favourite TV broadcasters

Although I do not own a TV set anymore, I watch videos (mostly on Facebook) produced by the amazing Channel 4 (UK), PBS (US), and CBC/Radio Canada (CAN), Arte (FR+GER). I also stream Al Jazeera English on my cellphone on their app.

Favourite podcasts

After growing up eating my breakfast to the sound of radio (in my case Radio Canada), it was natural for me to jump on the podcast bandwagon. I now lie on my bed and commute while listening to The Longform podcast, Call Your Girlfriend, the Ezra Klein show, Monocle 24: The Foreign Desk, (also, the fun but really not serious Why Oh Why) and some NPR and other podcasts here and there.

Favourite newsletters

I'm pretty sure I've subscribed to way too many newsletters. I still try read most of them. Here are the ones I (almost) always open AND read: Draft News, The Ann Friedman Newsletter, theSkimm, Inside, Brain Pickings, Women in Foreign Policy Newsletter, Jamelle Bouie's newsletter, The Bello Collective Newsletter, Nieman Lab + American Press Institute newsletters, Quartz Africa Weekly Brief, Artips (in French), IJnet's newsletter, MIT Technology Review, Vox Sentences, Stacy-Marie Ishamel's newsletter, CityLab, This Week in Africa I told you, it's way too many! (don't worry, most of them are not daily newsletters).

Favourite multimedia projects

I was amazed by Radio Canada's webdoc called "Disparaitre" about witness protection. The NYT let me travel and discover small towns in Russia that are left behind. The Guardian made Snowden's NSA leak more understandable and personal. The Syrian cyberwar sounded so clear and interesting after I experienced Al Jazeera's game SyHacked.

Other stuff worth mentioning:

Fashion is not my thing but Hailey Gates and Vice managed to spark my interest with States of Undress.

This list is obviously not exhaustive and (very) susceptible to evolve with more great journalism work and new outlets.